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Establishing a Recycling Program in your Restaurant

Some simple steps to think about and plan when getting your restaurant’s recycling program started include:

Estimate the recyclable material in your waste

To help you look at how much glass, plastic and aluminum you have for recycling, look at the amount you purchase. This will help you determine the next steps.

Find a solid waste hauler

These recycling service providers or waste contractors can also help you determine how much waste and recyclables your restaurant generates.

Find a recycling service provider

For restaurants wanting the convenience of recycling pickup, consider contracting for recycling collection.

Determine locations for collection at your restaurant

Space is a challenge for many restaurants, inside and outside. Make recycling and separation easy and convenient for employees by placing recycling bins next to trash cans inside your restaurant. Make collection and pickup from your provider easy by allowing the right amount of space for your recycling containers. If your restaurant is near other restaurants, consider sharing recycling containers and costs.

Determine the pickup schedule

Knowing how often your waste is collected will help determine the size of the recycling bins needed, based on the volume of recyclables your restaurant generates.

Educate your employees

Make recycling education part of your employee training, with clearly defined procedures and labeled bins. Make sure employees know what materials can be recycled and where.

Tell your customers

Studies show 60 percent of consumers prefer to patronize restaurants that recycle and 51 percent even said they would pay extra to eat at restaurants that recycle. Display signage at your restaurant that shows you recycle.

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