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Delaware Restaurant Association’s Recycling Survey Analysis

Posted on: November 10th, 2011 by Delaware Restaurant Association

At the time the survey was conducted, most restaurateurs were aware of the passage of Universal Recycling in Delaware.  It was encouraging that more than half of the restaurants surveyed were already doing their part in recycling.  This number still lags behind the National Restaurant Association survey of restaurants that state more than 65% embrace recycling and have programs established.   Many Delaware operators stated that once the new bins are received they hope to recycle in a more organized way.  Those who were not currently recycling because of barriers such as time or space are excited about the passage of the law.  The DRA believes that restaurateurs in Delaware need more information and training to learn how to maximize recycling in their businesses. The DRA plans to utilize survey results to better educate and offer consultative services to the industry.

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